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How To Re-Purpose Your Candle Jar

How To Re-Purpose Your Candle Jar

How to Re-Purpose your Candle Jar in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve had so many people ask us for our advice when it comes to cleaning out candles for re-use, so we’ve created this quick guide for you.

Step 1: Freeze it up

Yep, you read correctly. Place your candle in the freezer for a few hours, then pop the wax out. If you need to, use a butter knife to make a little crack in the wax so you can easily lift it out.

Step 2: Grab a hairdryer 

We stick our wicks down with glue, so once the wax is out, use a hairdryer (or a heat gun) to melt the glue slightly to remove the wick. 

Step 3: Scrub it up

The hard work’s all done, all you have to do now is give it a wash! Make sure you just use a soft cloth/scrubber to clean it out. A steel or sharp one could scratch the paint. 

Woo hoo – now you’re done you can re-purpose your candle jar.

We re-use our Karma Collective candles as storage jars for our pens and coins but there are so many ways you can re-purpose them. Store your Play-Doh, trinkets, make up brushes and lots more. One of our favourite uses is a pot for our cacti/succulents – just make sure you add some rocks at the bottom for drainage. Need more inspiration? Check out Apartment Therapy’s clever suggestions here.

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