Herkimer Diamond + Rose Quartz Crystal Earrings


Add these stunning crystals to your earring collection. One of a kind Herkimer Diamond Quartz raw pieces on Rose Quartz studs. 

Herkimer Diamond gets its name from Herkimer County, New York, USA, the principal place where it is found. The small, double-terminated crystals are short and stubby, formed in a hard rock matrix giving them their strength. They may be exceptionally clear and colorless, or contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles, or black carbon deposits. A small percentage of these crystals contain enhydro inclusions of water. Some are smoky rather than clear, and similar-looking crystals have been found at other sites, but generally do not have the same hardness or high gloss of genuine Herkimer Diamonds. [Simmons, 196][Eason, 136]


Material: Gold Plated Brass, Nickel Free Studs

Size: Rose Quartz Approx 10mm, Herkimer Diamond 10mm

Total approx: 27mm