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Moldavite Pendant 2

Rare and High Quality Moldavite Pendant in Sterling Silver.

Moldavite from the Czech Republic.

We now have a selected range of Moldavite Jewellery, straight from trusted Moldavite suppliers. Our Moldavite is the real thing! You will feel its high energy just by placing the piece in your hand.

 A  rare and unique Moldavite piece formed into a Sterling Silver Pendant, just add a chain or leather and wear your Moldavite to activate its super power.

Stunning, powerful green Moldavite is truly special, its a strong and powerful form of Tektite (not a crystal) with an intense high vibration. 

A popular choice for collectors and people on their spiritual journey.  If you are ready for a new journey and feel drawn to working with Moldavite, this is for you.

Only 1 available. Made from Sterling Silver. Leather Chain not included.