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Palo Santo + Candle Set

Palo Santo and Candle
Palo Santo and Candle
scented soy candle
Palo Santo and Candle

A little something for someone...or a self-care kit for yourself. 


  • Palo Santo | Origin Ecuador x 3
  • Rose Quartz Gemstone x 1
  • Karma Collective Scented Candle x 1

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Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo 

Also known as 'Holy Wood'  has an aromatic, woody scent hinting of lemon and mint, along with the ability to bring peace, calm and clarity to a situation or place. Native to South Americans.

SourceEthically by local Ecuadorians from naturally fallen branches. 

Size: 10x1cm approx.


Crystal Meaning

Rose Quartz

A stone of love and peace. It is the stone of the heart chakra. Brings self love, comfort and inner healing. 


Candle Options

Choose from our soy scented tin candle range by Karma Collective, made in Australia to help animals around the world:

- Cacao & Amber Scented Soy Candel

This is a great, warm scent to have on those cold winter nights. The perfect blend of cacao and amber makes this just sweet enough to make you want to eat it.s.

- Coconut, Lime & Elderflower

We love the smell of coconut! This candle includes a blend of coconut with refreshing lime and floral notes of elderflower.


  • Plant Based
  • 50% of profits help animals
  • 40 + hrs burn time
  • Made in Australia to help animals around the world
  • Vegan friendly


    Smudging Instructions

    1. Remove the gemstone from the smudge stick and position in the space you intend to cleanse.

    2. Take a moment to set your intention.

    Note: For Palo Santo use one stick at a time.

    3. Light a candle then use the flame to light your smudge stick. Once the flame appears then blow out until it's just smoke and embers.

    4. Walk into the smoke a few times to cleanse yourself then move the smudge stick around your space. You may use a feather in your other hand to guide the smoke around.

    5. Place the smudge stick in the in a fireproof dish or Abalone Shell to burn out.

    Smudging Tips

    - Practice Mindfulness whilst clearing the space.

    - You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process.

    Palo Santo and Candle
    Palo Santo and Candle
    scented soy candle
    Palo Santo and Candle