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Pink Amethyst Geode


Pink Amethyst geode half

Gorgeous sparkling colour of pinks in a cute little geode form, this stone is a must for any Crystal lover and collector.


Piece 1 approx 7.6cm W x 5cm H x 6cm D

Piece 2 approx 7cm W x 5.2cm H x 6cm D

Origin: Chioque Mine, Argentina.

Listing is for 1 Pink Amethyst Geode.

Please Select from Item 1 or 2 pictured front to back.

You will receive 1 item pictured.


Pink Amethyst

A rarer type of Amethyst, Pink Amethyst is a softer more subtle beautiful pink patterned colour. Just as stunning and powerful as purple Amethyst, this beauty will open the heart chakra and allow love in whilst calming and balancing emotions. 

Place around your home for beautiful soft energies of Pink Amethyst.


Please note: Colours may vary to that pictured on screen.