Power & Wisdom Smudge Kit


White Sage with Lavender | Origin Southern California x 1

Palo Santo | Origin Ecuador x 1

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone x 1

Guinea Fowl Feather x 1


Abalone Shell x 1


• Removes Negative Energy • Wisdom • Protection

The Power & Wisdom kit comes with special White Sage combined with Lavender for its calming and fragrant effect. This kit also includes organic Palo Santo, a powerful Lapis Lazuli known for enhancement of wisdom and leadership, and a Guinea Fowl Feather to guide the smoke around your space.


Smudge Sticks

White Sage with Lavender

A plant whose scent is revered for its ability to purify, protect and elevate space. Its Latin name is Salvia Apiana, translates to 'healing plant' It is widely used by Native Americans for its healing purpose. This special version is mixed with dried Lavender to enhance calmness and tranquillity, leaving your space with fresh peaceful floral scent.

Source: Sustainably harvested from Southern California.

Size: 15cm approx. 


Palo Santo 

Also known as 'Holy Wood'  has an aromatic, woody scent hinting of lemon and mint, along with the ability to bring peace, calm and clarity to a situation or place. Native to South Americans.

SourceEthically by local Ecuadorians from naturally fallen branches. 

Size: 10x1cm approx.


 Crystal Meaning

Lapis Lazuli

The perfect crystal to enhance leadership abilities. It is known to be a stone of wisdom and good judgement. It can aid in problem-solving, promote creativity and stimulate knowledge. In addition, it acts as a powerful protective stone shielding from the evil eye.



Smudging Instructions

1. Remove gemstone from smudge stick and position it in the space you intend to cleanse.

2. Take a moment to set your intention.

3. Light a candle then use the flame to light your smudge stick. Once the flame appears then blow out until it's just smoke and embers.

4. Walk into the smoke a few times to cleanse yourself then move the smudge stick around your space. You may use a feather in your other hand to guide the smoke around.

5. Place the smudge stick in the in a fireproof dish or Abalone Shell to burn out.

Smudging Tips

- Practice Mindfulness whilst clearing the space.

- You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process.

- Start with White Sage and end with Palo Santo.

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