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Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp with Blue Mountains Candle

Rose quartz lamp and candle
rose quartz lamp with candle
Rose quartz lamp with candle

A great housewarming gift, this gift set includes a beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp with a scented Blue Mountains Candle.

A soft pink, loving Rose Quartz Natural Crystal Lamp with light wooden base. Rose Quartz is a wonderful peaceful stone with love and calming energies. 

Relax and unwind with the combination of a warm light and soothing scent, perfect for a bedroom, enhancing love, especially for new mums and new relationships.

A lovely, warm way to light up your space - with a crystal lamp and soothing Candle! 

This Rose Quartz lamp looks great on or off, a great addition to a new home - it makes the perfect gift for a loved one.

Origin: Brazil

Measurements: 17 - 19cm H x 10 - 11cm W 



-  Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp with wooden base x 1. Weight approx 2 - 3kg

-  Light switch cord  1.9m Australian Standard 12V DC

-  Light Bulb 12W (12V) x 1

- The Karma Collective Scented Candle in Blue Mountains, in a beautiful box 

  - Purchase extra bulbs here

Rose Quartz

• Love • Peace • Self-love • Calming 

Perfect for your bedroom, lounge room or office as they create a warm and soothing vibe, they are great to have on whilst sleeping to create a relaxing and comforting space. A great way to showcase the beauty of natural Rose Quartz crystal. 

Blue Mountains Scent

Feel the sun on your face, the leaves under your feet and breathe in the Eucalyptus, pine and lemon myrtle of the mountains. This is what feeding the soul is all about.

Please note: Each lamp will vary slightly in size, colour and shape due to their unique nature.


Rose quartz lamp and candle
rose quartz lamp with candle
Rose quartz lamp with candle