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Selenite Lamp Tall 30cm

selenite lamp
selenite lamp

High Quality A-Grade Selenite Lamp.

  • Grade-A Selenite Lamp | Origin Morocco
    • 30 cm tall approx.
    • 2.7 - 3 kg approx.
    • Light switch cord  1.9 m long (220-240) x 1 included
    • Light Bulb (7W) x 1 included

 At 30cm high, this lamp is stunning and will light up your space with relaxing ambient pearl glow. Perfect for creating a soothing vibe to your bedroom, lounge or office space. 


Selenite crystal is known for:

  • protection
  • cleansing
  • happiness
  • calming

The meaning of the name Selenite comes from the Greek word meaning "moon". This related to the way that there was a reflection of colour within the first stones being looked at, and this was the colour of the moon. 

Selenite is an angelic white/transparent 'light' crystal that brings clearing and clarity energy to a space or person. Selenite is the perfect crystal to keep around the house to keep the space clear of unwanted energies.

Just plug in, switch on and enjoy the benefits! 

*Selenite lamps may vary from picture as each lamp is a natural and unique.

Extra light bulb available here

selenite lamp
selenite lamp