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Turquoise Hoops + Aquamarine Gemstones

Beautiful blue like the sea, inspired Turquoise and Aquamarine Mini Hoops

Aquamarine Gemstone Chips dangle from Turquoise embedded hoops, a serene and soothing combination for your ears. 

Measurements: 12mm Hoops, Aquamarine Gemstones size + shape will vary due to their unique nature. approx 3 Aquamarine chip beads.

Materials: Turquoise Cubic Zirconia Gold Plated Brass Hoops Nickel Free, Aquamarine.


Crystal Meaning


• Serenity • Tranquility • Harmony • Good Luck for travelling • Truth • Communication

 Aquamarine influences include communication, fluency, sincerity and truth while also creating feelings of love, relationships and self-acceptance.

Aquamarine is a strong but gentle stone which can be worn by everyone, everyday.