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Virgo | Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Bracelet

Virgo Bracelet Lapis Lazuli


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Hard Working, Kind, Selfless.

The perfect zodiac bracelet for the wise and kind Virgo signs, these carefully selected gemstones will help to support and balance the energies of a Virgo sign. Carefully aligned and chosen to bring guidance and enhance qualities for those born under the Virgo sign.

Made with stunning A grade Gemstones; Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Chrysocolla and Rhodochrosite.

A Gold Virgo Symbol can be added on this gemstone bracelet. (SOLD OUT)

Even if your'e not born under the Virgo sign, these selected Virgo crystals can be helpful to guide us all in the time of year under the Virgo dates.

Measurements: Bead size approx 8mm.

*Sizing is based on medium size Women's bracelet. If you would like a larger or more loose fit, please select 'Large'.

Materials: Smooth Polished Round Gemstones, Gold Plated Charm  Optional.


Crystal Meaning 



Main stone - Lapis Lazuli

'The Queens Stone' Lapis Lazuli is a royal blue mystical stone that brings power, presence and self-esteem. Also a stone of luck and wisdom, wearing Lapis will help Virgos drive for perfection.


Subtle and calming, Amazonite will balance Virgo signs and keep them aligned. Known as the 'Hope' Stone, A soothing mix of green and blue, Amazonite is extremely calming, it balances masculine and feminine energies and aspects of the personality.


A peaceful green stone that will bring comfort during times of stress + change. Known to increase your capacity to love. 


A loving stone, Rhodochrosite will help Virgos with everything emotional and love based. This stone will help with forgiveness, emotions and calm negativity. 



Virgo Bracelet Lapis Lazuli