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Jewellery Care

Gold or Silver Plated Jewellery

To care for your new piece please refrain from polishing any plated items. Our plated jewellery is made by covering a base metal (usually sterling silver or brass) with a layer of gold or silver.

Over time, the plating can wear away. Lightly wipe your plated jewellery with a soft jewellery cloth to gently restore shine. This will help eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the plated layer.

In order to limit tarnishing please avoid contact with substances like oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, perfume and creams as they may react.

Please don't wear in water/showering or exercising. If wearing perfume or cream/lotion please apply before and ensure that it is absorbed and dry before wearing your jewellery.


Gold Vermeil - Longer lasting 

Will typically last a few years with proper care without tarnishing. For vermeil plating is 2.5 microns. The core will be either brass or 925 silver, which doesn't matter, but the thickness of the plating is thicker. We really recommend our customers to take off their jewellery in the water, just because water is a natural solvent and the harsh chemicals in our shower water will strip the luster/shine and then eventually the plating.


Sterling Silver .925

925 sterling silver has a brilliant shine. It's also popular due to its hypoallergenic qualities and most people will not have an allergic reaction. Since 925 sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, it can tarnish. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about!
There are several different ways to polish sterling silver. The most common and effective way is to use a polish pad. Gently polish the surface making long, straight strokes. Soon your jewellery will look like new!