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Abundance + Strength Gemstone Kit

Abundance and Prosperity Kit

The Abundance + Strength Gemstone Kit contains 1 Agate Mini Slice in Blue, 1 Green Aventurine, 1 Dalmatian Jasper + Tree Agate Gemstones.

A carefully curated collection of strong blue and green gemstones, known for bringing luck and strength. A great kit for students.


Crystal Meanings


Agate - Blue

Agate is a warm and protective stone. Promotes inner stability, helps with concentration and encourages self-confidence and maturity.  Agate is a powerful amulet when travelling. Great in assisting those juggling commitments or multiple jobs.

Green Aventurine

A comfort and healing stone, this green beauty is known for its all round healing, this stone is great for attracting abundance and luck.

Dalmatian Jasper

An instant pick me up. Dalmatian Jasper can also cleanse, purify, and energize your auric field.  It will also balance your yin and yang.

Tree Agate

Gentle Tree Agate is soothing and calming. Tree Agate brings our focus to the oneness of us all, dissolving egoism and arrogance.


You will receive a card with each stones properties.

Place these gemstones in your space, wherever you would like to bring these qualities into your life. Carry the gemstones with you when you feel the support.

Please Note: Agate slices are unique, patterns and colours will vary between each crystal and to what's pictured.



You will receive 3 Gemstones and 1 Agate Slice which may vary from pictures.

Abundance and Prosperity Kit