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Healing - Cleansing Kit

Palo Santo cleansing kit
palo santo with crystals

A carefully selected collection of moon charged crystals along with cleansing Palo Santo , this cleansing kit is perfect for use in your home, office or space.


  • Palo Santo | Origin Ecuador x 1 
  • Selenite Wand
  • Jade Gemstone x 1
  • Rose Quartz Gemstone x 1
  • Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone x 1

The combination of using Palo Santo and crystals is a sacred and ancient ritual, they work together to help cleanse, re-energise and clear a space.


Palo Santo

Also known as 'Holy Wood'  has an aromatic, woody scent hinting of lemon and mint, along with the ability to bring peace, calm and clarity to a situation or place. Native to South Americans.

SourceEthically by local Ecuadorians from naturally fallen branches. 

Size: 10x1cm approx.


Crystal Meanings


Like the moon, it reflects a pure beam of white light into any environment in which it rests. Selenite is ideal for gridding a space, creating a safe, uplifting environment protected from outside influences. Place indoors in the corners of a house or room, or in the workplace to cleanse and create clarity. You may also use a selenite stick to recharge and clean your gemstones, by placing the stones on or around the Selenite piece. 



A dream stone, releasing negative thoughts and irritability and soothing the mind. It balances personalities, integrating mind with body, to stimulate ideas. Jade can be used in meditation as it has calming effects on the mind.


Rose Quartz

Purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief.  Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.


Dalmatian Jaspers

An instant pick me up. Dalmatian Jasper can also cleanse, purify, and energize your auric field.  It will also balance your yin and yang.


Smudging Instructions

1. Position the gemstones in the space you intend to cleanse.

2. Take a moment to set your intention.

3. Light a candle then use the flame to light your smudge stick. Once the flame appears then blow out until it's just smoke and embers.

4. Walk into the smoke a few times to cleanse yourself then move the smudge stick around your space. You may use a feather in your other hand to guide the smoke around.

5. Place the smudge stick in a fireproof dish or Abalone Shell to burn out.

Smudging Tips

- Practice Mindfulness whilst clearing the space.

- You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process.

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Palo Santo cleansing kit
palo santo with crystals