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Lucky Charm Gemstone Kit

Lucky gemstones
Lucky gemstones

A carefully selected collection of lucky crystals, these stones are chosen for their unique properties, together they are aesthetically pleasing as well as being able to bring you their good luck charm.

Each kit comes with 3 high quality gemstones- Citrine, Tigers Eye + Jade in a keepsake gemstone pouch. 

These specific stones are known to enhance luck and success.

Place the crystals in your living space, by your bed for calming energies at night or carry them with you wherever you go. 

You will receive a card with each stones properties.  A great gift with meaning for a friend or loved one.


• Promotes success in business, a stone of abundance and wealth.


• Brings good luck, friendship, peace and harmony.


• Helps to motivate and make you feel powerful,  gives you the ability to trust yourself and pave your own way in life.


 Note: Gemstones will vary in colour and size from pictured. 


Lucky gemstones
Lucky gemstones