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Turquoise + Rhodonite Mini Palm Stone Duo

A lovely combination of African Turquoise and Pink Rhodonite Palm Stones

The colours complement each other beautifully, whilst bringing loving and balancing energies.

A cute mini sized flat palm stone in Rhodonite and Turquoise, easy to carry on you and bring you those soothing vibes!

Measurements: Turquoise: approx 3mm x 2.6mm. Rhodonite: approx 2.8mm x 2.5mm

Colours: Turquoise and Dark Pink with black veins

Crystal Meanings

Turquoise (African)

Carry it with you, and you will feel its reassurance as you open up to new opportunities. Known for its healing qualities, it provides solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It is a purification stone that filters unwanted energy. Turquoise is balancing and may assist in creative-problem solving, it can help in calming the nerves when speaking in public.


The 'Rescue' Stone, A soothing stone, Rhodonite carries a powerful healing vibration, it's great for emotional soothing as it may help with relationship problems. Decreases anxiety and brings openness to inner growth. 

You will receive 2 Palm Stones, one in each stone.

Please note: Each piece will vary slightly in colour and shape.