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Plant Care

Air Plants

Also known as Tillandsias, they don't require soil and lives off air and water only. They will live in any well lit area indoors or shaded area outdoors.

Watering: It is recommended to mist the air plants using a spray bottle one a week over the cooler period and 2-3 times in warmer weather. 



They are low maintenance and slow growing. 

  • will reach 10 to 15cm in 5 to 10 years
  • keep indoors in well lit area or outdoors under cover
  • must be kept out of rain
  • water when dry in summer, approximately once every 3 weeks and less in winter
  • flowering may appear on some types
  • may be kept in small pots for many years
  • transfer to a larger pot if you would like your cactus to increase in size