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Happiness + Love Gemstone Kit

A carefully selected collection of moon charged crystals, these stones are chosen for their unique properties, together they are aesthetically pleasing as well as being able to bring happiness and loving energies.

Each kit comes with 4 healing gemstones- Rose Quartz, Pink Opal, Quartz + Citrine, in a keepsake gemstone pouch. 

Place the crystals in your living space, by your bed for calming energies at night or carry them with you wherever you go. 

You will receive a card with each stones properties.

Rose Quartz 
The self-love stone, brings love in all forms, along with peaceful energy. It will bring calmness and a tranquility to your self and space.

Pink Opal / Rose Opal 
Beautiful Pink coloured Opal from Peru, this stone is great for calming and stress relief, soothes and calms the heart, brings love.

The Energy stone, protects against negative energy, brings harmony and healing, helps with clarity.

The Happiness stone, Citrine is a joyful, happy stone that brings luck, energy and fortune. Place in your purse or top left hand corner of a room to bring luck.

Note: Colours and sizing may vary from those pictured. We will choose the best crystal for you.