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Study + Focus Crystal Kit

The Study, Focus and Inspiration Crystal Trio comes with:

Fluorite (study aid) x 1

Citrine (happiness) x 1

Emerald (inspiration) x 1

All in natural rough formations so crystals will vary. 

 Roughly measuring at 3 - 5 cm, these essential crystals can be placed around your home, study area, or carry them around with you in your bag when needed.

please note: due to the unique nature, rough cut stones will always vary in size, shape and colours.


The perfect collection of crystals for those needing a study aid and focusing on important projects, or for someone wanting a little inspiration and motivational push.

These are great stones to enhance motivation, concentration and mood.

Crystal Meanings


Known as the 'Genius' Stone. Fluorite is the most wonderful stone for focusing when studying as it allows your mind to open up to new ideas. 

Having this on hand when studying allows you to concentrate on your work as its vibrations stimulate the electrical charges in the brain. Fluorite also helps to inspire new ideas!



This yellow crystal helps purify the mind of negativity and self-doubt, allowing your mind to become free of the things that might be holding you back.  Its foremost energy is to aid in manifestation.  Its golden colour beams positive sunlight energy directly into one's environment. Citrine will bring joy, luck and positive energies to any space.



A beautiful green stone of inspiration and peace. Gain wisdom and improve intellectual power with Emerald.



Note: Due to the natural uniqueness of each stone, the stones will vary from whats pictured.

Gift wrapping available.