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Tree Agate + Blue Lace Bracelet | Soothing + Growth

tree agate bracelet
tree agate bracelet
tree agate bracelet

A light and soothing energy with gorgeous soft tones of Tree Agate, Blue Lace Agate and Moonstone. A peaceful gemstone bracelet for those wanting to add a little calmness and serenity to their life.

Handmade using quality gemstones, here in our Melbourne Studio.

Details: Bead sizes approx 5-6mm. Smaller sized beads are used in this bracelet.

Bracelet is made with stretch, approx 17cm Medium Women's size.

Please note: colours and patterns may vary in each piece due to their unique nature.


Crystal Meanings

Blue Lace Agate

A beautiful light blue/lilac banded Agate stone, this stone is very soothing, calming + brings stress relief. It is a symbol of freedom and serenity.

Tree Agate

heals emotional trauma, alleviating worries and fear. It opens both the heart and throat chakra to enable loving communication. A beautifully calming crystal that soothes the mind. 


Peach Moonstone is known to stimulate the mind, calms worries and relaxes anxiety. It also has a loving energy that promotes fertility and growth.


Please note- colours and bead shades will vary in each piece, due to the unique nature of the natural crystal beads.

tree agate bracelet
tree agate bracelet
tree agate bracelet