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Good Vibes Smudging Kit

smudge stick kit with palo santo, white sage, peach selenite, citrine and quartz
white sage and palo santo with crystals

• Removes Negative Energy • Clearing • Cleansing

The Good Vibes Smudging kit - White Sage and Palo Santo sticks with Joyful Citrine + the Positivity of Quartz with the option of adding the loving energies of Peach Selenite.


White Sage | Origin Southern California x 1

Palo Santo | Origin Ecuador x 3

Citrine Gemstone x 1

Clear Quartz Gemstone x 1


Peach Selenite Crystal x 1


Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo 

Also known as 'Holy Wood'  has an aromatic, woody scent hinting of lemon and mint, along with the ability to bring peace, calm and clarity to a situation or place. Native to South Americans.

SourceEthically by local Ecuadorians from naturally fallen branches. 

Size: 10x1cm approx.


White Sage 

A plant whose scent is revered for its ability to purify, protect and elevate space. Its Latin name is Salvia Apiana, translates to 'healing plant' It is widely used by Native Americans for its healing purpose.

Source: Sustainably harvested from Southern California.

Size: 11cm approx. 

Note: String colour may vary to image shown.

Use these smudge sticks to either to clear a space of negative or unwanted energies; for meditation; or for cleansing your crystals.


Crystal Meaning


The radiant golden rays of Citrine activate, open and energise the chakras.  Its foremost energy is to aid in manifestation.  Its golden colour beams positive sunlight energy directly into one's environment. Citrine will bring joy, luck and positive energies to any space.


The most versatile of all stones, Clear Quartz is a master stone for healing, cleansing + removing negatives energies. The power of Quartz can also amplify other crystals.
A great stone to use during cleansing, it will help to remove any unwanted energies and clear the space. For ongoing personal energy, you may carry Quartz  and/or touch as needed for an instant lift.


Peach Selenite

A subtle delicate peach formation. Peach Selenite is a stone of emotional transformation, is ideal for drawing out issues of neglect, betrayal or any negativity. It is a cleanser offering healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Peach Selenite shines light into dark places.


*dish not included.


Smudging Instructions

1. Remove the gemstones from the smudge sticks and position them in the space you intend to cleanse.

2. Take a moment to set your intention.

Note: For Palo Santo use one stick at a time.

3. Light a candle then use the flame to light your smudge stick. Once the flame appears then blow out until it's just smoke and embers.

4. Walk into the smoke a few times to cleanse yourself then move the smudge stick around your space. You may use a feather in your other hand to guide the smoke around.

5. Place the smudge stick in a fireproof dish or Abalone Shell to burn out.

Smudging Tips

- Practice Mindfulness whilst clearing the space.

- You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process.

- Start with White Sage and end with Palo Santo.

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smudge stick kit with palo santo, white sage, peach selenite, citrine and quartz
white sage and palo santo with crystals