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Amethyst Crystal Rough
Amethyst Crystal Rough

Amethyst Crystal Rough

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• Protection • Healing • Calmness

Origin: Brazil

Measurements: approx. 5 - 6cm Ø

Chakra: Crown | Third-Eye

Colour: Purple

Listing is for 1 piece. Pieces will vary in shape and size.



Amethyst exudes an aura of spiritual wisdom and tranquility. The therapeutic benefits of Amethyst, making it a sought-after crystal for healing, meditation, and relaxation. Known for enhancing intuition and promoting emotional balance, Amethyst crystals invite a sense of inner peace and serenity. Amethyst radiates its calming vibrations, bringing harmony to mind, body, and soul. Explore our collection of exquisite Amethyst crystals and experience their transformative energy in your life.