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Jade Palm Stone
Jade Palm Stone
Jade Palm Stone
Jade Palm Stone

Jade Palm Stone

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• Harmony 

• Emotional Balance

Listing is for 1 piece.

Origin: China


Approx. 3 - 4 cm

Colour: Light Green

Chakra: Heart

New Jade

The Jade palm stone is a timeless and cherished treasure, exuding a mesmerising blend of rich green hues. Smooth and polished to perfection, this hand-held gem fits snugly in the palm, inviting a sense of comfort and connection. Known for its deep spiritual significance, Jade holds the wisdom of ancient civilizations, symbolizing harmony, abundance, and prosperity. As a powerful heart chakra stone, it radiates unconditional love and healing energies, encouraging emotional balance and inner peace. Whether used in meditation, as a worry stone, or simply as a symbol of enduring beauty, the Jade palm stone offers a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.