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Libra | Aquamarine Birthstone Bracelet


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Fun-loving, Idealistic, Romantic

 The perfect zodiac bracelet for charming and fun-loving Libra signs, these carefully selected gemstones will help to support and balance the energies of your sign. 

Made with stunning A grade Gemstones; Aquamarine, Amethyst and Pink Opal. A Libra Symbol in gold or silver will be included on this gemstone bracelet.


Measurements: Bead size approx 6mm.

*Sizing is based on medium size Women's bracelet. If you would like a larger or more loose fit, please select 'Large'.

Materials: Smooth Polished Round Gemstones, Gold Plated Charm or Sterling Silver Charm.


Crystal Meaning 


Beautiful soothing and calming energy removes fears and brings harmony. Known for enhancing communication. For Libra, Aquamarine will help you to be adaptable to change and opportunities. Aquamarine can bring balance and help let to you go with the flow, bringing the harmony that Libra signs love.



Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. It's great to use in healing and cleansing. Amethyst is beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating when appropriate. Libra signs can wear this stone to make them feel calm and content, bringing out your intuition.


Pink Opal

A beautiful pink stone to heal the heart, this is the stone for resolution. Will help to heal emotional wounds, it eases anxiety and fear. It enhances Libra strengths, particularly their commitment to equity and teamwork.